Charlie Kadabra Last of the Magicians

Book 3

Invasion of the Soul-Eater in Mim

A ghost ship drifts on the multicolored waves of the Glowing Sea. The enthralled children of the fairies, mermaids, and all the magic creatures of Mim are pulled toward it to their certain destruction. The Soul-Eater, an ancient evil, invades the world of magic called Mim bent on devouring all of her magical souls. Every soul taken cripples Mim, and she teeters on the brink of extinction. Charlie Kadabra is the last of a breed of Magicians who are the guardians of Mim. He is the only one to stand against this maleficent being. The clock counts down as Charlie’s father, Justin’s, life force ebbs away with every soul taken from Mim. Can the ultimate dragon’s gift save his father? Climb aboard Charlie’s dragon, Galzra, and ride into another thrilling adventure with Charlie and Fen.

“Author Nan McAdam is a master storyteller. She captures the magic inherent in all of us and weaves it into an exciting tale guaranteed to keep you turning the pages with anticipation. “Invasion of the Soul-Eater in Mim” and all the previous Mim books are engaging and fantastic journeys of the imagination.” ~ Matthew Davenport, author of Broken Nights

Charlie Kadabra Last of The Magicians

Book 2

The Secret Key of Mim

Charlie Kadabra’s Magician blood is screaming that there is something very wrong in Mim, the Land of Magic. He discovers that his family and friends have disappeared without a trace and their homes ransacked. The only one who can help Charlie is the elusive Mountain King, but will he? A mysterious and troubled past could keep him from helping Charlie. Where is Mim’s secret key and the hidden door it unlocks? Can he find the answers to these questions in time to rescue his family and friends before the nightmares take over? The Secret Key of Mim is an edge-of-your-seat wild mystery fantasy adventure with Charlie and his wisecracking sidekick, Fen.

“Taking this adventure with Charlie had me gripping the book with anticipation as together we made our perilous journey to find the evil threatening Mim and all the other worlds. I love these characters! They are very vivid and jumped off the page. And the Haroons…love, love, love them! This is a great read for young adults and older readers too!” – Wendy Siefen, author of Kia’s Journey series

Saving Mim

Audio Version

 Narrated by Joel Froomkin

Charlie Kadabra – Last of the Magicians

Book One


Charlie Kadabra feels like the biggest loser ever born. A foster kid, abandoned as a baby, picked on by the bullies at school, he thinks his life stinks, until he tries to save the little rabbit and accidentally blows up his science teacher, who’s a robot! Running for his life, he follows the new girl, Emily, through a shiny curtain in the woods, and lands in the magical world of Mim. Charlie discovers he is the last of the Magicians, who are guardians of the land of Mim. Can Charlie find all the jewels of power for the Magician’s staff his father left him in time to save all his new friends from Dr. Pi’s destruction? This humorous fantasy tale will delight readers of all ages as they find out, there is a little Charlie in all of us.

“The story of Charlie Kadabra is an explosive tale of excitement and intrigue that finds new and creative ways to tie in old fantasy myths and creatures to our simple, mundane world.” James B. Hoke, author of The Ark Brothers

“Highly recommended!” – Midwest Book Review Children’s Bookwatch April 2015

“McAdam can capture readers from all ages and sizes to her great m/g book that I was shocked I found myself turning the pages so fast to see what might happen next or what might change. I cannot wait to read more books from this series’ and even by the author.” – Quirky Book Reviews

“In this book they will take a journey with Charlie through the halls of school into a fantasy world. They will find a hero they can root for. I am definitely looking forward to the second book in this series.” The Musings of a Book Addict

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