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Alcohol, Bibles, and Demons


Ches Albright isn’t your ordinary Bible salesman. He is a broken man unable to face his past, but can’t seem to leave it behind. He blames God for the death of his wife and son. Selling his billion-dollar tech company, Ches begins his life as a traveling Bible salesman. He stays in cheap motels and lives only to see the bottom of the next bottle of whiskey. He’s a man with many secrets, even from himself. One of those secrets is he can speak to the dead.

When a big account comes along in his boyhood hometown, his boss sends in his best salesman. Ches doesn’t remember much about his childhood only that his sister and other girls were kidnapped, never to be found, and his mother went insane.

Reconnecting with his two boyhood friends begins to bring back long-buried memories. Little girls are disappearing again. His friends tell him he is the only one who can help. Ches only wants to get out of town and escape, but his friend, Stan’s daughter, goes missing.

They’ve fought this demon before when they were children. Why is it back? Why is Ches the only one who can help? Will Ches embrace his past to fight the demon?


“McAdam spins a tale that’s delightfully scary while refreshingly new. I can’t wait to see what else she brings to the Horror table.” – Matthew Davenport, author of The Trials of Obed Marsh


Alcohol, Bibles, and Demons is Nan McAdam’s new journey into the mature horror/fantasy genre. Nan is best known for her non-fiction, Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents’ Old Age and the Middle Grade/Young Adult fantasy Mim series; Saving Mim, The Secret Key of Mim, and Invasion of the Soul-Eater in Mim.