Welcome to my blog!  At the time of this writing, it’s a week before Christmas.  I wish I could tell you that I’m complete ready for the big event. But, alas, my list of things to do is at the stage where there’s more being added to it than scratched off.

It’s an exciting time of year.  I adore Christmas.  It is the season of absolute love and reconnection.  Not only are we reminded of the reason for the season which is the birth of Jesus Christ, but it’s the time of reconnection with our friends and loved ones.  There are many who flock to church in celebration and there are those who are making their joyful noise unto the eggnog.

I have other reasons to be excited.  I’ve released my first book, “Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents Old Age”.  I’ve spent time with my web designer getting this website up and running.  Obviously, if you are reading this, it has been launched.  Hurray!  During one of my many calls to my mentor and publicist, Sue, she mentioned to me that I should blog.  Okay…blogging isn’t a new thing for me since I have 2 other blogs out there in the blogosphere.  Blogging for those sites has been an enjoyment for me and the subject matter has been evident by the names and focus of the blogs.  Being a newbie book author, I was uncertain what this blog should be about.  After all, it’s a blog with my name.

Sue, with the patience of Horton sitting on his egg, when I asked what I should be blogging about on this new site, said simply, “you, of course”.  I gulped the large lump which had formed in my throat.  “Me?!”  Horn toot-age had never been taught in my home.  In fact, it was highly discouraged.  What could I write about me that would hold the attention of anyone coming over to this site?  Sue calmly patted my hand over the phone and pronounced her words of wisdom, “Write about why you wrote the book.”

There are many reasons I wrote the book. I’ve been mulling them over in my mind, after I got over the initial shock.  When I began caring for my parents, I was a novice.  I had no idea what to do.  I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it.  It was a case of “rising to the occasion”.  They needed me and I was the only one in town. I love my parents and that is what love is all about.  My parents raised me and now it was time to return the love commitment.  After all, love isn’t all sunshine and lollipops.

It turned out to be the most challenging phase of my life. When you read the book, you will understand that statement.  I almost didn’t survive it.  My career and my health took a nasty downturn.  If I was going to survive I needed to change.  My journey to renewed health wasn’t an overnight thing.  I’ve found out that challenging circumstances in my life can be very good teacher.

During that time, I learned more about myself than in any other life experience.  I not only survived, I thrived.  I’m a different person than before my adventures into elder care.  I did research, I connected with others and I learned how to change me.  I went from a place of darkness and ill health to a more alive, vibrant me!  You may not be able to relate to this.  But if you can, you are most likely, sitting there nodding your head.

My journey was filled with many highs and lows.  I wrote about the steps I took to overcome the life crippling stress. This book isn’t just nuts and bolts of elder care…even though there are plenty of those.  What it is also about is my journey. What it took for me to get through this stage and emerge on the other side a different person.  And, I like her.

This was just one reason why I wrote the book.  I have many more.  Those, my friend, will be kept for another day. Until then, I will return to my previously scheduled enjoyment of Christmas and the celebration of love.

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