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Charlie Kadabra, Last of the Magicians – Saving Mim


Des Moines, IA, February 12, 2015 – Charlie Kadabra, Saving Mim will begin a series of action/fantasy books for ages ten and up, by Nan McAdam.

The first book in the series, Saving Mim, tells the story of Charlie Kadabra, abandoned as a baby in another world, without magic. He discovers he’s the last of a breed of magicians who were guardians of his native world called Mim. All the magicians are gone, killed by the evil Dr. Pi, who wants to destroy Mim and all the magic, and rule the new World of Chaos.

The book is filled with magical, delightful characters; dragons, fairies, a white rabbit, mermaids and mermen, and magical jewels that have special powers only Charlie can use to save Mim. You’ll find yourself routing and cheering for Charlie, and clapping your hands when he finds ways to annoy and destroy the evil Dr. Pi.

James B. Hoke, author of The Ark Brothers says “The story of Charlie Kadabra is an explosive tale of excitement and intrigue that finds new and creative ways to tie in old fantasy myths and creatures to our simple, mundane world.”

“I believe many children live with a lack of self-confidence like Charlie”, stated McAdam. “It can be from bullying, abandonment issues, or many other childhood challenges. It comes from being a kid. Many times, in our culture today, we don’t teach children or reward them for learning to deal with their “own stuff”. Children want someone to believe and nurture them and teach them tools to cope.”

To promote her book, McAdam is planning on implementing a few “give-aways” for her print book ($10.99), and offer the Kindle version ($2.99) at a reduced price for a limited time. s

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For Immediate Release


Author Nan McAdam Unveils the Secrets of

Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents’ Old Age

Elder Care Guide Book

Des Moines, Iowa – December 18, 2013 – In her recently released book, Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents’ Old Age, Nan McAdam has written a compelling book about not only surviving the stress of care giving for elderly parents, but how to stay organized, loving and sane while caring for them.


Baby boomers are aging and retiring, creating the largest group of seniors the world has ever known. This trend has adult children looking at uncertain futures of meeting their retirement and life goals while providing for their aging parents.


Along this journey of providing care, many care givers are dealing with life crippling stress. 54% of female caregivers exhibit chronic health conditions, while 51% of women caregivers exhibit life altering symptoms of depression.


Nan writes from the perspective of having lived through the experience of caring for her parents. She has also been the caregiver for 3 other elderly loved ones. Not only does Nan cover how to combat or prevent life crippling depression, she also helps the reader traverse the mine fields of elder care such as:


  • Is it time for our elder to hang up the car keys?
  • How to deal with hospital stays and doctor’s appointments?
  • What happens if they get dementia?
  • Should they live with us, or a care facility?
  • How to deal with our loved ones belongings after their relocation or death?


The reader will find themselves laughing at the humorous moments, and wiping away the tears as Nan takes you through her emotional journey. Not only will the reader be entertained but they will come away with many handy tools to put in their own personal tool box of elder care.


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Contact: Nan McAdam

(515) 865-6547